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Cookies and privacy

Personal information is information that can be linked to you as a person. This privacy statement is about how NORDLEK2024 collects and uses information about the users of the websites and services of the organization.

As the owner of this website, NORDLEK2024 registers how users use the service. We emphasize compliance with the intentions in the Personal Data Act and do not store information that can be traced back to individuals, unless the user has requested a specific function that requires the use of personal data. This can be registrations and purchase of tickets.

NORDLEK2024 own and operate the website This privacy statement applies to the use of this website and related services.

NORDLEK2024, chaired by the Information Board, is responsible for processing personal data.

If you have questions about privacy information, you can contact the data controller.

Background and terms

In 2018, a new privacy regulation was introduced. The new Personal Data Act of 2018 is composed of national rules and the EU Privacy Regulation, GDPR.

All processing of personal data must have a legal basis to be legal, cf. Article 6 of the Privacy Ordinance.

NORDLEK2024, chaired by the Information Board, is responsible for processing personal data. The data controller is the one who decides the purpose of the processing of personal data and which aid is to be used.

Data processors are those who process personal data on behalf of the data controller. NORDLEK2024 uses services from data processors such as Webflow and Weglot.

NORDLEK2024 uses services from third parties, such as Facebook for sharing content from our websites. These are services where the user can have their own user account. These services are subject to a third party privacy statement.‍

Purchase of tickets

NORDLEK2024 uses the service [ticket service] to sell tickets for events. The information is used to complete the purchase. The information can also be used to send you information related to the relevant purchase / event.  


NORDLEK2024 uses cookies on our website. Cookies are small files that we store to maintain an unidentifiable overview of visits to the websites and to provide a better user experience. For example, it means that the language you think will be remembered for the next gong.

The basis for processing the generation of anonymous statistics is the Privacy Ordinance, Article 6, No. 1, letter f, which allows us to handle information that is necessary to fulfill tasks that outweigh the consideration for the individual's privacy. The task in this context is for the website to function optimally.

The revised Electronic Communications Act (Electronic Communications Act) of 1 July 2013, requires that everyone who is responsible for a website must inform about and obtain consent from users if the website uses cookies. This is enshrined in what is often referred to as the cookie section, § 2-7 bi ekomlova.

The Electronic Communications Act § 2-7 b states:
§ 2-7 b. Use of cookies
Storage of information in the user's communication equipment, or gaining access to such, is not permitted without the user being informed of what information is being processed, the purpose of the processing, who is processing the information, and has consented to this. The first sentence does not preclude technical storage of or access to information:
1. solely for the purpose of transmitting communications in an electronic communications network
2. which is necessary to provide an information society service at the express request of the user.

The information and consent requirement is to be considered fulfilled through pre-setting cookies as long as the user receives clear and unambiguous information on the relevant website about the use of cookies.

The first time you visit the website, you will see an information box about the use of cookies. By continuing to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. You can choose to change the settings at any time so that cookies are not accepted. This can lead to the website not working optimally.

NORDLEK2024 does not use cookies that can identify anyone, map the individual's usage pattern or in any other way violate privacy.

On the website you can read about how you yourself manage cookies in different browsers .

Right of appeal

The privacy regulations shall protect individuals against personal information being handled in a way that violates privacy.

If you have questions about privacy information, you can contact the chair of the information committee. If you believe that NORDLEK2024 does not handle personal information in accordance with the legislation, you can complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

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